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Vacuum Sealer With Foodsaver Bags

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    Are You Tired Of Throwing Away Food After Only A Few Days?

    The average family tosses over $1,000 worth of food into the trash can every year. That’s because traditional preservation methods, such as plastic wrap, traps air in and spoils food quickly. But what if you had one simple way to seal out oxygen and lock in flavor instead? Imagine being able to enjoy leftovers that taste great. Like a domino effect, you reduce food waste in your household and end up saving money.

    With SaveSealer™, It’s Easy and Safe…

    Saves Money

    The SaveSealer™ saves you money by decreasing food waste by keeping food fresh for longer puts an end to single-use plastic wrap.

    Stays Fresh

    Preserves the taste and freshness of fruit, vegetable, fish, meats and cheeses. You can also save cooked food that you want to eat later.

    Less Waste

    Stop throwing away rotten food and single-use plastic wrap, the BPA-Free reusable bags help cut kitchen waste by 50%.

    The SaveSealer™ Helps With:

    ✅ Food Waste: Never buy plastic wrap or Tupperwares again. Our bags are BPA-free and reusable, cutting waste by a whopping 50%.

    ✅ Organization: How much time have you wasted searching in the fridge through piles of mystery containers? SaveSealer™ is stackable, and clutter reducing. Fridge, pantry and freezer organization that takes seconds.

    ✅ Saving Money: For many, groceries and food wraps are a huge expense. Then that food goes bad and straight to the trash. Cut food costs forever with SaveSealer™ and stop flushing your money down the drain.

    Stop! Don’t Waste Hundreds On Bulky Vacuum Sealers

    Brand X


    Save Sealer




    SaveSealer™ seals in freshness, flavor - and nutrients, for up to 5x longer that saran wrap or Tupperware. It boasts the same accuracy and efficiency as the big, bulky sealers without any of the hassle.

    Brilliant In the Kitchen

    This Essential Kitchen Tool Seals It All



    • Material: ABS + Motor
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Power Supply: 5V, 1A
    • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
    • Charging Time: 4hrs
    • Working Hours: 90-100mins
    • Vacuum Rate: 5L/min
    • Vacuum Degree: -60kPa

    What You Get?

    • 1 x Electric Vacuum Sealer
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Sealing Clip
    • 5 x Sous Vide Bags

    Warm Prompt

    1. The bags must be textured sous vide bags.
    2. Not to fill beyond the sous vide bag, or you will mess up the suction.
    3. When the vacuum degree reaches -60kPa, the vacuum pump continues to work for 10 seconds and then stops working.
    4. When operating, you have to press down pretty firmly before it will begin to vacuum the air out of the bag. 


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