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Car Buffer Polisher

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    Car Buffer Polisher

    This speed polisher buffer equipped with 12.5Amp pure copper motor offers the best power and performance for car polishing. With the soft-start design, you can freely adjust the speed from 1000 to 3000rpm. With the switch lock design, you can maintain a speed without continuously pressing the switch, which greatly reduces fatigue and enables more comfortable long-term operation. Additionally, rich accessories make it sincerely an ideal tool for polishing and rust or paint removal. It polishes clean, excellent gloss without damaging the surface of the workpiece.

    12.5Amp Powerful Motor

    12.5Amp/1500W powerful motor drives the polisher up to a speed of 3000 RPM, offering you strong polishing force and great polishing effect

    Detachable D-handle & Side Handle

    Comes with a detachable D- handle and a side handle, making your polishing more comfortable and easy. Working with handle also ensuring safer operation.

    Replaceable Polisher Pad

    A spindle lock button at the head for quicker pad installation. You can replace the pad for bigger or smaller one, but please note that the spindle is 5/8 inch, your pad must fit the spindle.

    Easy to Replace Carbon Brush

    • The orange sponge pad is used for removing shallow scratches.
    • The green sponge pad is used for polishing and removing small scratches.
    • The black sponge pad is used for car waxing and removing excess wax oil.

    Suitable for Various Scenarios

    Car polishing: 6inch/7inch replaceable paste tray, 3* 6inch Sponge wheel, 1* Wool polishing disc, setting 1000 - 2000RPM for car polishing, waxing

    Furniture/Wood polishing: 6inch/7inch replaceable paste tray, 10* 6inch Sandpapers, setting 2600 - 3000RPM for furniture polishing or wood polishing

    Paint/Rust removal: 6inch/7inch replaceable paste tray, 10* 6inch Sandpapers, setting 2600 - 3000RPM for paint removal or rust removal

    Buffer Polisher Features:

    STRONG POWER - 12.5A, 1500W, 600-3000RPM motor improves your work efficiency and allows you to complete your work faster. Scientific product design, extending product life, can accompany you for a longer time.

    VARIABLE SPEED - The six variable speeds allow you to choose the most suitable speed for your job; The integrated LED digital display showing current speed for accuracy. Note: When the machine is in low speed, for your safety, do not press the machine with force.

    DETACHABLE HANDLE - An ergonomic design, a side handle and a D-shaped handle, allow you to work in various working environments, reducing fatigue and making you more comfortable.

    DEVICE WITH LOCK - Instead of continuously pressing the switch, the safety lock design can maintain a stable speed for as long as needed, reducing fatigue.

    Buffer Polisher Operation Steps

    • 1. When power is on, press the trigger, without speed, please press the acceleration switch, then the digital screen will show 10, it symbolizes 1000rpm.
    • 2. With 6 variable speed, the digital screen figure 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, separately symbolizes 1000rpm, 1400rpm, 1800rpm, 2200rpm, 2600rpm, 3000rpm.
    • 3. It has a power-off memory function. When you press the power switch, it will keep the same speed as power off last time. Therefore, you don't need to set the speed again.
    • Setting 10 - 1000 RPM for waxing and buffing
    • Setting 14 - 1400 RPM for waxing and buffing
    • Setting 18 - 1800 RPM for polishing and cleaning
    • Setting 22 - 2200 RPM for polishing and cleaning
    • Setting 26 - 2600 RPM to remove paint defects and oxidation
    • Setting 30 - 3000 RPM to remove paint defects and oxidation


    • Voltage: 120V
    • Power: 12.5Amp/1500W
    • Power cord: 10Feet
    • No-loading speed: 1000-3000 RPM
    • Diameter of sanding pad: 7Inch/6Inch
    • Material of the machine head: Aluminum Alloy
    • Rich accessories

    Package Content

    • 1 x PPGJO1A Polishing machine
    • 2 x handles
    • 1 x hex wrench
    • 3 x sponge plate
    • 2 x polishing disc
    • 1 x 180mm wool wheel
    • 2 x body nut
    • 2 x carbon brush
    • 10 x polishing paper
    • 1 x Specification
    • 1 x warranty card


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